Monday, September 24, 2007

Heart of the French Riviera is in Nice (France)

Often called the heart of French Riviera, which is a part of coast of southern France stretching up to Italy. Nice is literally, a cultural behemoth along the Mediterranean coast. It lies between the cities of Marseille and Genoa and is one of the major metropolitan centres of France.

Capital city of the County of Nice, Nice (the city) is one of the leading tourist vacation spots. One of its main attractions or in many cases, its main identity is the ‘Promenade des Anglais’, meaning, the ‘Walkway of the English’. It is a semi-circular boulevard that runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast and is home of some of top entertainment spots like clubs, restaurants and shopping areas.

Nice, being closer to Italy has a long of Italians among its population, which numbers less than a million inhabitants. Recently, with lax government policies on immigrants, Nice has seen a rich influx of migrants workers, mainly from northern Africa and Middle East, all bringing with them their rich cultural aspects, contributing to the city’s cultural development.

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