Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anguilla - A snorkelling paradise in the Caribbean

Another well-known island in the Caribbean Sea is Anguilla. It is one UK’s Overseas Territory, where other than Defence, all powers lies directly with the Chief Minister, and the Governor is the Queen’s representative.

Local Amerindian tribes from South American countries of Columbia and Venezuela initially settled the island. Later, on being ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus, though disputed by some, English settlers began arriving in the 16 century.

It became the English protectorate and in the early 19 century, against the wishes of locals, it was incorporate into the British Empire. In 1967, it was annexed into a separate British Overseas Territory.

The name Anguilla derives its name from the word, ‘eel’, probably due to the island’s shape.

Anguilla is famous for its brilliant coral reefs. Not just the main island itself, but its countless uninhabited cays and islets, provide excellent places for snorkelling and fishing.

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