Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fredensborg Castle: Danish Royals’ spring residence

One of the main royal residences, Fredensborg Castle is where Denmark’s royal family spends most of their spring and autumn months.

Located on the island of Zealand, on the eastern shores of Lake Esrum, Fredensborg Castle or Palace is also used to host important royal and state dignitaries.

The term Fredensborg literally means, Palace of Peace as this where Denmark and Sweden signed a peace treaty to end an eleven year conflict called the Great Northern War between the two neighbours.

The palace was designed by a Royal Gardener, on behalf of King Frederik IV, who himself took keen interest in its contruction. The construction took place during 1720 – 1726.

Though, the main building was constructed by 1726, it continued to receive various extentions in forms of a church, a Court Chancery building, which is now known as the Chancery House.

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