Sunday, May 20, 2007

A picturesque town - Carmel-by-the-sea (California)

A beautiful, serene seaside town, south of Berkeley and San Francisco, Carmel in short, is a place, which once visited, a visitor may never want to leave. With its white sandy beaches, rocky, jagged cliffs, beautiful coastline, quaint little shops and trendy restaurants, Carmel has been attracting visitors for over 100 years.

Carmel is so small that it is literally spread in a one square mile radius. Originally developed as a colony for creative artists such as artists, writers and poets, it still posses a certain bohemian charm. Keeping that tradition alive, it still doesn’t, by law, allows any house numbers neither it allows anyone to put up street lights, lest, that people starting flocking to any particular artist house.

It all started in the late nineteenth century when James Devendorf, an attorney drove down in his horse buggy and mesmerised by the pristine white beaches and virgin land, that he vowed to create a haven for artists.

Time it seems has stood still since first house was built here in 1902. There are many activities for those with a love of outdoor. Its main scenic point, Point Lobos State Reserve offers hiking trails, scuba diving enclaves and a chance to get a bit comfy with the local sea lions.

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