Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flying within budget but in style

Fancy owning a private Gulfstream Jet, but doesn’t have enough dough! Well, you may just be in luck.

With private travelling in such a high demand with each passing year that companies have sprung up offering manageable options where executives and even others can travel in fancy styles.

If you do not a cool 12 million dollars to splash out for a brand-new Cessna, if you do have, say, half a million to spare, then you can very well become a partial owner of such an aircraft.

But you will still need to fork out monthly fees, as well as hourly rate of flying time, if and when you travel.

Companies like Netjets, offers deals, which in their parlance, is called fractional ownership. Having a fleet of over 600 aircrafts, ranging from seven-seater Cessna to a 20-seater Boeing Business Jet, NetJets can offer a choice in 15 types of small aircraft.
Or, if you do not wish to bog down with a princely asset, then you can always opt for a jet-card. Jet cards are like debits cards but of different values. These offer a range of flying time, though, mainly within the continental US, but for a wee extra charge, can take you anywhere in the world.

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