Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Garden Isle - Kauai (Hawaii)

The oldest and the greenest islands of Hawaii, Kauai is at number 4 in terms of land mass. And being the least commercially developed of all the Hawaiian Islands, it is also the most pristine of them all.

Called the ‘Garden Isle’, by the natives, due to its lush greenery, which is also due to it being one of the wettest areas on earth, Kauai is crowded with some wonderful natural attractions. It has excellent beaches with great diving and snorkelling sites, lush-green valleys, deep canyons and volcanic peaks that tower above 5,000 feet.

Initially, Kauai was a separate kingdom, but later on joined the Kingdom of Hawaii, under the leadership of King Kamehameha. Much later on, it became part of US’s 5o state, when the government bought the whole Hawaiian chain of isles.

Like many of its counterparts, it too has seen its fair share of Hollywood fame. Parts of it have been featured in films, ‘Raiders of Lost Ark’ and ‘Jurassic Park’; musical ‘South Pacific’; and animation feature film, ‘Lilo & Stich’.

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