Sunday, May 20, 2007

Baden-Baden: A quaint little German town

If you ever plan to visit the Black Forest in Germany, then do drop by Baden-Baden too.

A quaint little town, more famous for its Roman Era hot Baths then anything else, is situated on the western foothills of the magical and famous woodland, called Black Forest.

The repeated names indicate the city, Baden lying within the boundaries of the state of similar name, Baden-Wurttemberg. The state of Baden has been in existence since the Middle Ages, when it was quite powerful and was home to Margraves of Baden (Margraves are similar in position to the hereditary Counts of England), to whom it gave its name.

Baden-Baden was one of the luckiest towns to escape Allied bombardment during both the world wars. Though, it did played host to various military groups of various countries during other wars but it never suffered any casualties.

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