Sunday, May 20, 2007

Desert Oasis – Al Areen Resort in Manama, Bahrain

Housing the biggest spa in the Middle East, the Al Areen Desert Resort in Manama, Bahrain is truly an oasis.

One of the newest resorts to be constructed by the Banyan Tree Group, Al Areen is one of the most luxuriant. With individual villas with their own pools going for US $ 1,500 a night, those with a few wads to spare, will be more than happy to indulge themselves here.

Situated in ones of most mystifying and Arabesque settings, with ancient mud forts in the vicinity and one of the oldest mosques in the region, close by, Al Areen resort offers a unique blend of luxury and tranquillity amid natural desert environment.

Guests can either frolic in their private pools, or tour the nearby, well-preserved forts or just go and visit the nearby wildlife preserve, where they will come to face with Arabian gazelles.

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