Friday, May 18, 2007

‘Bon Bini’ - or “Welcome to Bonaire”

Bonaire is an island in the larger group of Netherlands Antilles, which themselves are governed by Netherlands. Within the larger group, Bonaire, together with Aruba and Curacao, forms the sub or lesser Antilles, called locally, ‘Leeward Antilles’.

Situated at the southern part of the Caribbean, though much closer to the South America, it was also inhabited, initially by the local indian tribe, Caiquetios, a sub-tribe of the larger nation of Arawak Indian who were also the main settlers of nearby islands.

Bonaire, among other activities, has been ranked, consistently, as the finest snorkelling and scuba diving destination in the Caribbean. And all these lie in the Bonaire National Marine Park that hugs the island from almost all sides.

But there are other activities to do as well. The fast winds over the island, provides ample chance for the daredevils to thrill themselves with windsurfing. For the other mortals, there is an assortment of wildlife and natural landscapes to enjoy.

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