Friday, May 18, 2007

Famous for sunbathing and bird watching – Comino (Malta)

One of the least inhabited islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Comino, lying between Malta and Gozo is a tiny limestone island.

Famous for being one of the best sunbathing, and bird watching sites, Comino takes its name from the herb Cumin that once flourished in huge quantities on this rocky outcrop. Being only 1.5 by 0.9 miles in shape, Comino is inhabited by only four permanent natives, and hence, is famous for its tranquillity and isolation.

According to historical records, farmers settled the island during Roman times, but later, it grew notoriety as a pirates’ hideout, as its limestone caves provided them a wonderful sanctuary.

Later on, the Knights of Malta - a Catholic Military Order that was the given the responsibility to safeguard the passage for migrants from Europe to the Holy Land during the Crusades – made it into their private hunting ground and were fiercely protective of the local game.

One of its famous natural attractions is its sheltered Blue Lagoon, which is a tiny cove, lined with pristine white sandy beaches and populated by rich Italians and Greeks, who are mostly vacationing residents.

Like many of its famous counterparts, Comino has seen its fair share of Hollywood fame. Count of Monte Cristo, Troy and Swept Away, were partially filmed on this island.

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