Friday, May 18, 2007

Riga (Latvia): Famous for its architecture

Famed for its Art Nouveau architecture, and with a city centre that is protected as the world’s heritage site, Riga, the capital city of former USSR’s satellite region, Latvia, is truly an architect’s marvel.

For those, not inclined much towards building formations, Art Nouveau, is building design that incorporates curvilinear designs, floral motifs and flowing patterns. It usually peaked during the beginning of the twentieth century in Europe. Many famous buildings in around the world, though, many are in Europe, are fine examples of this exquisite architectural style.

Lined with finer examples of this style of building that includes both houses as well as public buildings; serve as a highly cultural and liberal port and commercial centre during the last days of Imperial Russia.

Though, like many of its counterparts in Eastern Europe, Riga too suffered under the cloak of communism, but now, as a capital city of an independent state, which has also been incorporated into the EU, Latvia has seen its former glory emerging. And with it, its architectural wonders too are getting a face-lift. One best example is Riga’s Graduate School of Law, which was recently restored.

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