Friday, May 18, 2007

Golconda – City of Kohinoor and Hope Diamonds

One of the famous cities of India, Golconda is more famous for its stones than history. Or, actually it is two stones that have give Golconda its fame. Though, this city is quite closer to historical Hyderabad Deccan but that doesn’t brings it any popularity than the stones that it mines.

The stones that this article mentions are the carbonite minerals that are more commonly known as ‘Diamonds’. And the famous diamonds that this city has produced are the ‘Kohinoor’ and its equally famous counterpart, ‘Hope’ diamonds.

Kohinoor, which as the story goes, has been through some very famous hands, starting from Mughal Emperor Humanyon to Queen Victoria, former monarch of Great Britain. It now adorns the imperial crown that the current queen of her country, Queen Elizabeth wears on certain occasions.

The hope diamond, which is named after Lord Francis Hope, its one of the owners, it is now currently housed in a special vault in Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

Though, Golconda is part of the greater Hyderabad Deccan, the city was originally founded by the Kakatiya Kings in the 11 century. It was during the later-day Qutub shahi rulers that the city grew and prospered.

Their later-day predecessors, the ruling family of Hyderabad Deccan, made this city more prosperous from the riches that it provided them.

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