Friday, May 18, 2007

Castle Stuart - Your hotel in the Scottish Highlands

More famously known as the ghost hideout, than a stately home, Stuart Castle is an officially a hotel, or in this case – a Castle Hotel.

The current owner, Charles Stuart have spend a large part of his life renovating this magnificent fortress, which for over 300 years remained abandoned and roofless, with no person to call it a home.

The castle was originally constructed by the third Earl of Moray, James Stuart, on the land that was gifted to his grandfather the first Earl, by (his) sister, Mary, Queen of Scots in 1561.

Lying close to the famous Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle, in Inverness, Stuart Castle is basically, as well as, officially a ‘tower house’ with two circular towers linked by a central block. The furniture adorning it has been crafted by the 400 year-old reclaimed oak.

Fully restored and furnished in Jacobean elegance, the castle offers 5-star lodgings, with each room offering its own set of private privileges.

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