Friday, May 18, 2007

Southern Hemisphere’s Stonehenge down under

Are you interested in Rock Formations and doesn’t feel like going to the rainy and cold UK then head down south, to Aussie Land.

There you will find, among plentiful of sunshine as well as a splendid array of rock formations, assemble on the very shape and pattern of the famous and ancient ‘Stonehenge’.

The locals proud of their Irish ancestry, at Glen Innes – the self-acclaimed Celtic Capital of Australia – in New South Wales had constructed the southern hemisphere’s first and only standing rocks formation, called Australia's Standing Rocks.

This rock formation contains some 40 giant granite rocks, some of which weighs over 30 tonnes. Out of these 24 of these representing 24 hours of a day, act as a clock, calendar and compass, all in one.

These stones formations have been modelled on the ancient stones of the ‘Ring of Brodgar’ at Orkney, Scotland, an ancient site dating back to 2,500 B.C.

From the time of its completion, the Australian Stones have served as a gathering place on various occasions for locals belong to various communities of Celtic background.

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