Friday, May 18, 2007

Louisiana Art Museum - The best art museum in Scandinavia

One of the best art museums in Europe is the Louisiana Art Museum, in the Dutch capital city of Copenhagen.

Situated some 22 miles north of the city, Louisiana Art Museum sits among some of the prettiest natural settings on the island of Zealand, overlooking the Sound towards Sweden.

Harbouring some of the great works of modern-day artists like Calder, Kiefer, Francis Bacon, Rausshenberg, Warhol and Picasso, the museum holds some six to eight major exhibitions every year, highlighting the great artists’ work as well as promoting the upcoming talent.

The museum also boasts a children’s wing, a café, a museum shop.

The peaceful environs of the museum, not just provide a place for exhibiting the artworks but also a fun and relaxing place for families, especially for the children to enjoy a day out.

It is highly recommended that while visiting Copenhagen, a visit to this exquisite place should be a must.

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