Friday, May 18, 2007

Sheremetev Palace: A ‘grand palace’ hotel

One of the grandest palaces of the historical city of St. Petersburg is the Sheremetev Palace.

Situated on the banks of River Neva, is a pure example of Russian architecture of the eighteenth century. Though, it is not confirmed as who built this palace nor much is known about its financier, but according to records, its first aristocratic owner was Count Alexander Dmitriyevich Sheremetev of St. Petersburg, who purchased it in 1883.

Count Sheremetev, a direct descendant of the long-established noble family of Sheremetev, who by nature of their heritage, had extensive business concerns and was one of the main aristocratic families of the region.

The count’s family owned this palace till 1917, when it was forcibly taken by the state to housed state institutions.

Since its construction, the palace has changed many hands. It is now back in private hands, though, now more as a hotel than as a private residence.

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