Monday, September 17, 2007

Enjoying the sun and surf at Istanbul’s beaches

While not touring the great monuments of the Byzantium Empire or the great mosques built by various Sultans, then why not head towards any of these great beaches in the city.

Burc Beach: This is more of a family (read: Children) oriented beach. If you have children then you must definitely head towards it, otherwise, ignore it. It is located about 10 miles or 24 kms from the city centre.

Solar Beach: Located, literally, walking distance from the Burc beach, this is a good spot for all those tan-lovers. One of its famous spectacles is the night-time beach party that takes place here every night. Frolic during the day, tango during the night.

Dalia Beach: This is more of a private beach than a public one. A small, natural inlet ensures the visitors to privacy from the general public. Located about 38 kms from the city center, it houses an excellent fish restaurant.

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