Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kot Diji Fort: Guarding the Indus (Pakistan)

The Kot Diji Fort, formally known as Fort Ahmadabad, dominates the town of Kot Diji. It comprises of a 12ft wide mud wall with bastions throughout its length and a huge iron gate.

The fort is constructed on a limestone hill with kiln-baked bricks. Bricks were used because the locally available limestone rock was brittle. The hill is over 100ft high, with walls rising another 30ft. It has three 50ft towers.

Many bastions segment its walls. On the east, three elephant proof gates divide the fort. The walls and bastions have slits in them allowing attack from two levels; from on top and from within the wall.

The design of the fort suggests that it was built when cannons were commonly used. It includes a multitude of stations for cannons and situated high on a narrow ridge disabling enemy cannons to reach the fort with accuracy.

Today the fort is in government custody ad is serious disrepair. Most of the lime mortar plaster has fallen off the walls, leaving the bricks exposed. About 192 cannons and mortars are stolen or destroyed.

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