Thursday, September 20, 2007

Iberian Peninsula: Home to the Spaniards, Portuguese and Andorreans

Iberian Peninsula is not only the southern-most peninsulas of the three European peninsulas but also the largest of them all.

Iberian Peninsual, or Iberia, as the region is called is the area, south of France, on which, Spain, Portugal and Prinicpality of Andorra are situated. To the south is the Mediterranean Sea and to its north are the Pyrenees mountain range.

It is one of the most ancient of all regions in the main Europe, with according to some estimates, our ancient ancesters settled and crossed this area to move upwards into the mainland Europe.

The original or civilized people of this region are said to be the ‘Iberians’. These are said to be ancester of modern day Basques, a sub-celtic tribe of Spain that survive to this day as an ethnic group.

Also called ‘Hispania’ by the ancient Romans, Iberian Peninsula has been witnessed to a a very colourful history, ranging from ancient Neanderthals to modern day civilizations, mentioned above.

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