Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gastronomic Turkish Delights

Without doubt, all the dished mentioned below are among the most famous and ‘most-turkish’ of all Turkish dishes. And no matter which even country you visit, if there is a sizeable population then you will definitely come across these Turkish delights.

Turkish Coffee: Known locally and even in literature, both regional as well as nation, as ‘Kahve’ it is literally not for the mild taste buds.

Meze: This is mostly a starters dish and consists of hummus, feta and stuffed grape leaves. It is served with an anise-flavoured drink call ‘raki’.

Doner Kebab: This is more of a sandwich with thin leaf of meat, including (upon choice) of either beef, chicken or lamb served in either a flat bread or a bun with yoghurt, sauces and salad.

Baklava: This sweet pastry stuffed with all kinds of dry fruits and cooked in syrup, literally, melts in your mouth.

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