Friday, September 21, 2007

Scone Palace: The crowing place of Scottish Kings

Built on a place, where ancient Scottish Kings used to be crowned, Scone (read: Skoon) Palace, is a category A listed historic house. Situated at Scone, hence the name, near the eastern town of Perth, Scotland, this palace was built commissioned by the Earls of Mansfield in 1808.

During the Middle Ages, the land was the site of an ancient Abby, called Scone Abby, where Scottish Kings were used to be crowned. This tradition was followed till the days of Alexander III in 1249. During the ancient times, the area of Scone was a gathering place for the tribes of Picts.

Currently the Scone Palace like many of UK’s stately homes are partially open to public. The home of the Earls of Mansfield, contains some of the finest collection of furniture, ceramics, ivories and clocks.

The Palace grounds are best known for breeding Hawfinch, a specie of bird normally found in Asia. There are also a number of peacocks as well as albino males. The grounds are also home to ancient woodlands that contain certain fir trees which are reputed to be at least 250 years old.

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