Friday, September 21, 2007

Prince Edward Islands: Home to the King Penguins

Lying almost halfway between South Africa and Antarctica, the two islands that form part of Prince Edward Islands are a spectacular cluster of volcanic rocks and peaks.

Home to four types of Penguins and many other types of birds including Petrels, Albatrosses and King Cormorants, both the islands, Prince Edward and Marion are barren except ferns and mosses growing, as the sub-antarctic winds also call the ‘roaring forties’ doesn’t allow for growth of trees.

With limited sunshine and rain and strong winds, both islands are more suitable for winter retreats than sunny resorts. The two islands are nothing but clusters of volcanic peaks and small lakes. Though, they have sandy strips along the coast, most of their coastline is rocky and home to thousands of Elephant Seals and King Penguins.

Both islands were recently designated as ‘Special Nature Reserve’ by the South African Government.

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