Thursday, September 20, 2007

Moreton Island – A sandy gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Situated on the northeastern coast of Australia, Moreton Island is unlike a normal, natural island, but is more of a large sand dune. It is part of the Great Barrier Marine Park and lies to the east of Brisbane, on the southeast coast of the state of Queensland.

Protected as a natural park, which was designated in 1966, Moreton Island was also, once a military zone, with Australian Navy and Army having military installations during the World War II. Between 1952 to 1956, it saw its use as a major whaling station, where humpback whales would use to be harvested during their annul track northwards.

Though, it is mostly a sand island, its main and only rocky outcrop is its major peak Cape Moreton, to the north eastern tip which was named Cape Morton by Captain James Cook in 1770.

For those who are bit adventurous, Moreton Island provides a range of activities like biking and hiking trails. Then there are snorkelling areas where one can view various marine creatures like dolphins and even discover and explore various ancient shipwrecks lying on the ocean floor.

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