Friday, September 21, 2007

Natural rock formation in Sedona, Arizona

Cradled with an amazing array natural beauty and having one of the best climates in US, Sedona in the state of Arizona’s main attraction, however, is the red stone formation. Surrounding by rugged rocks that glows brilliantly, in hues of orange and red during sun rise and sunset each day, these rocks offer some of the best hiking and biking trails in the US.

Some of the rock formations are of various strange shapes which among other things attracts tourists more than ever. The popular comic strip, Peanuts’ fans would be happy to see two of their favourite characters depicted in the rock formations. One formations resembles Snoooy the dog, laying on top of his doghouse. Another nearby rock is said to resemble "Lucy", also from the Peanuts gang.

Apart from the rocks, Sedona offers something for everyone. It has offers several resorts, golf courses, even full-service spas, music and film festivals, and even an Indian reservation nearby for those seeking knowledge about the original settlers to this great country.

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